A collection of pictures and videos of girls playing footsie in their shoes from all around the world.


Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by other girls shoes. I can distinctly remember many moments at Primary and Junior school when I enjoyed playing footsie with other girls in their shoes. This was of course a lot easier when I was at school, I went to a very strict Girls School in Surrey in the UK, uniform was strict and black leather flat shoes were the order of the day - simply nothing else was allowed - my fondest footsie moments were from that time, countless occasions where I managed alsorts of footsie with other girls, from just the briefest of touch to a full on tangled mass of leather. In our younger days it seemed utterly unimportant if our shoes were touching someone elses and I found that most girls didnt bat an eye lid if my shoes were touching theirs - some girls I remember even enjoyed playing footsie game or tangling our shoes together - it made many of my days utterly mnemorable. I made the most of this fact almost every day of the week as I can remember. I also remember playing footsie games, trying to get my shoes tangled up with another girls, the first one to 'break out' of the tangle being the winner.

In my latter years at school and having gone on to college and then to university, although it was a little more difficult to get away with blatant footsie without being found out I still managed many, many magical moments in various situations - when I was out partying it was usually helped by a touch alcohol to muster the courage, the only difference between playing footsie as a young girl and in my late teens was that I realised it now how much it really turned me on. The feeling of soft leather boots or shoes being pressed together, the feeling of the sliding of two pieces of leather against one another and occasionaly being able to feel the warmth of another girls foot inside the leather, the occasional squeek as the leather sticks slightly - if the footsie happened without the other girl knowing it made it all the more of a turn for me.

At the time that I will never forget when I was at school and a girlfriend and I were play fighting on the school field. She was wearing some black leather ankle boots and I had my favourite flat black leather dolly (or Mary Jane/Ballerina) shoes on. She was a bit of a tom boy and her and I would constantly play fight - I actually went on to have my first kiss with her in the last year of primary school. She had no idea that moment for me would be remembered forever and it all began from just having her boots tangled up all over my shoes.

I'm not a big fan of bare feet, barefoot footsie does absolutely nothing for me. I hate suede as it gives me the creeps so nearly all of my shoes are leather. I tend to buy shoes that I know will be nice to play footsie in, luckily most fashionable shoes are perfect for playing footsie, expecially the lovely flat leather pumps that are really popular now, I just adore playing footsie in them. I also massively love leather boots too especially flat ones, really tangled footsie in those is just such a turn on. Other favourites are air hostess style court shoes, mary jane or dolly shoes and most if not all leather pumps.

A close few of my ex-girlfriends knew about my fascination and without exception found it cute. After being encouraged to start a website by my bestest bestest mate in the world (thanks Lisa ;-) I have decided to give it a go (there a couple of pics of me and her and our shoes on the site and also at the top of this page!)




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